starting at $1995.00

WoW turntable


Our new turntable WOW was designed and engineered to achieve outstanding performance far beyond the expectations of an affordably-priced turntable.

Excellent build quality, reliability and ease of use combined to make a product which will offer a lifetime of musical enjoyment.

By omitting unnecessary gimmicks, Acoustic Signature was able to concentrate the manufacturing costs on the high quality parts necessary for accurate LP reproduction.

The WOW is fitted with a brand new hand assembled Rega OEM tone arm, precision Tidorfolon main bearing and a low vibration low noise 24v motor assembly which is driven by our revolutionary Beta DIG circuit to further reduce vibration.


The Design

Ways to amaze. The new WOW is a consequent transformation of the retro design. It's all combined with the award-winning performance, elegance, convenience and comfort that have made the WOW Series so successful.

Get ready to experience the WOW Series - now perfectly suited to your own unique style. Perfect surface quality combined with the latest technology and flexibility.

The drive System

At the new WOW we combine a high density wooden plate with a 3mm massive Acrylic plate as a sandwich construction. This is a perfect fit for the Tidorfolon bearing holding the platter.

A new fully digital motor Electronic provides perfect speed stability and easy operation. 

The carefully made Aluminum platter is another part which makes the sound of a WOW so outstanding for his price class.

The Platter

The WOW comes with a precisely manufactured Aluminum platter. He is produced out of a solid piece of soft Aluminum to improve his resonance behavior.

The platter is additionally coated on the back side with a high damping material to get great results. The thickness of 24mm gives him a weight of 4.5 kilogram.

This high weight in combination with the smooth running Tidorfolon bearing is one unique reason of the great music experience the WOW provides.

The Motor

We at Acoustic Signature believe that a motor system for a turntable should have enough energy to speed up the platter but not influence him during rotation. We reach that aim by using a European made Synchronous motor with our own State of the Art motor control.

This engine system is absolute stable in his rotation speed and in combination with the digital control easy to use and reliable.

The Bearing

The platter bearing is the heart of every turntable and Acoustic Signature have invented a bearing with the ideal performance characteristics of exact fit, extremely low noise, very low friction and long term stability. The platter bearing axle is manufactured from special hardened and precisely grinded steel.

The bearing housing uses perfectly matched sinter bronze inserts which are self-lubricating. Our bearing design is developed to ensure a smooth run and tight fit of the axle.

We achieve this by using Sinter bushes and our Tidorfolon bearing ground. Here we have ultra-tight tolerances and our Tidorfolon bearing is lifetime maintenance free. We trust in this Bearing so it´s covered with a 10 year product warranty.