Phono Stages

Listening to music captured on vinyl is for some people the 'ONLY' way. At Plinius we appreciate that and recognise that it brings a special sound but more than that it allows a tactile relationship with the medium that somehow adds another dimension to the listening experience.

It takes a lot of skill and special effort to protect the very small signal from a record cartridge and you can trust Plinius to get this right for you.

We have made phono stage amplifiers since 1980 and the Koru is now the only dedicated phono stage in the Plinius range. It is an outstanding award winning unit that doesn't disappoint the most ardent fan of vinyl.

There are also phono stage options available among our Integrated and preamplifier ranges.

Koru Phono Preamplifier

The Koru phono preamplifier is presented in the Ross Stevens inspired curved chassis, with a slight twist. The chassis is actually two-in-one, allowing physical separation of the power supply from the amplification circuitry.

The power supply boasts a virtual battery approach with over 100,000 micro Farads of capacitance and very sophisticated 2 stage regulation. This ensures the lowest impedance and consequently extreme accuracy of power delivery to the amplification stages.

The amplification and equalisation uses the latest components ensuring accuracy and longevity. Low output moving coil cartridges as well as higher output moving magnet types can be used and there is a full range of user adjustments available on the rear panel.

Both Single Ended and Balanced Output signals are catered for and with passive high frequency and active low frequency equalisation the Koru Phono Preamplifier will maintain stability and finesse no matter what type of music you enjoy.

Handling the original analogue signal from the vinyl with modern electronics components and layout techniques is a satisfying way to mix the old and new technology for a listening session with your favourite artists.