Digital Source Components

At Plinius we recognise that without a great source, the amplification results will be far from satisfactory so we recommend that auditioning a Plinius source compnent is well worth your while if you want realise your system's full potential.

If it's a traditional red book CD player you seek or a Network Player that will access your large digitally stored music libraries, we offer very competitive solutions and they all feature our highly regarded 192DAC.

Take a look at the networked capabilities of our latest products where the Arataki iPad application controls both the player and your stored media.

Tiki Digital Network Player

Whether you have a dedicated audio network at home, or choose to store your music on a storage platform on your computer network, the Tiki is right at home playing your stored digital music and giving you hours of enjoyment with it.

The Tiki is a dedicated network audio player. DLNA compatibility ensures that you can connect the Tiki into your existing Ethernet network and be confident that it will communicate with your other DLNA compatible components.

Ethernet communication is used both for transmission of the music files and to control signal communication because of its clear advantages over other communication protocols such as USB and S/PDIF.

With distinctive styling, benchmark build quality and stunning sound the Tiki is a great addition to the other traditional components in your music system.

The different file types and codecs that can be handled are either the best quality or the most popular, so while the types of files supported is inevitably limited to some extent there are few types in common use not handled by the system. Popular files types such as FLAC, LPCM, AIFF, ALAC and MP3 are all catered for. Gapless Playback is also supported.

Toko Digital Audio Player

The Toko digital audio player is equally at home with a conventional CD in its slot loaded transport or when connected to an Ethernet network, you can connect the Toko to your other DLNA compatible components, for example a P.C.

The quality CD slot loading transport used on the Toko is the same as that used in the Mauri CD player. When a CD is in the slot the Toko acts as a CD player and when it is ejected the Toko reverts to networked digital player mode.

When in networked player mode wireless or wired Ethernet communication is used for transmission of both music files and control signals. When using the CD player a traditional Plinius remote control can be used to control the CD functions, or if an approved remote IR blaster is in the room the remote control display on the Plinius Aratki app on an iPad can take over those functions.

With distinctive styling, benchmark build quality and stunning sound the Toko is a great addition to the other traditional components in your music system.

Popular files types such as FLAC, LPCM, AIFF, ALAC and MP3 are all catered for. Gapless Playback is also supported.

Mauri CD player

The Mauri CD player maintains Plinius' trademark LED display function that replicates the tone arm on a turntable moving across the tracks on a vinyl record.

Quirky perhaps but a nod to the fact that playing a CD is a lot like playing vinyl; you select the album, you hear the whole album through and you remember which are your favourite tracks. Unlike vinyl you can skip a track with the remote control if you wish.

Each Mauri comes with its own high quality remote control but if you run a complete Plinius system the Mauri does not need its own specialised remote.

For the technically minded the Mauri's slot loading transport, sourced from a renown European supplier, loads with a solid grab on the disc and runs quietly. It has a custom designed transformer. The Plinius designed DAC on board uses high quality Burr Brown components and has local voltage regulation.

For those more interested in how it sounds than how we got there our own DAC design and power supply were the keys in the awards we have gained for the musicality of our previous CD players. The Mauri will faithfully convert all the detail from the digital signal on your compact discs to the analogue signal the rest of your system needs to give you pure listening pleasure.

Arataki Network Audio Controller

The Arataki is a network controller that is an application for an iPad and is available from the iTunes store.

Designed so that the real benefits of having your music stored digitally on almost any kind of networked, wireless accessible storage device can be enjoyed with ease, the Arataki moves control of your music to your fingertips on a display that's a real joy to engage with.

View your library of music by album, artist or track. Select music to play immediately, or later from a playlist you build. Play the tracks in an order you select, or in a random manner the controller selects for you. With this controller you are in charge and it's all so simple and intuitive to use.

The display colour can be changed to match the rest of your Plinius equipment and the styling is 'Plinius' from the linished appearance of the devices on the screen through to the buttons that replicate the control systems on the products themselves.

This product is the key to enjoying your digitally stored music. It creates an environment that can only be accessed if you have stored your music digitally. Wherever you are we invite you let our dealer network walk you into this digital Aratki world, where listening pleasure awaits your command.

Once you move into Plinius' Arataki world it's hard to imagine enjoying music any other way.