We Focal, strive to create sound equipment that honours the artist’s musical creation and empowers you to feel a new dimension of the music.
We want every nuance to be revealed with precision and purity.
To do this, we push the limits of the current boundaries in sound technology, and go beyond the traditional approach thinking differently.
With Focal, let the sound thrill your senses until you go beyond the usual perception of music and discover new fields of emotion.

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You will never entirely know your favourite pieces of music until you have listened to them on the Grande Utopia Be. Dare to try the Utopia experience, with all its excessiveness, to truly perceive the most subtle timbres and rhythms. Listen, and hear like never before...

Utopia is the result of the most extensive expertise, of the most extensive research carried out by Focal’s teams of engineers. It embodies and reflects all the knowledge of sound that only we have accumulated over the years. So Utopia represents the ideal. And still today, it is unrivalled…

Besides having the best technologies in the world, it is infinitely customisable. Day after day, you’ll be delighted by the many talents of this technological and aesthetical gem. A crazy dream turned reality.



Timelessness and modernity are integral parts of the line’s DNA. The 2017 edition of Utopia III reminds us that these loudspeakers are still at the cutting-edge of technology: the line has been upgraded and is undeniably extraordinary.

A major new feature: Scala Evo and Maestro Evo now offer bi amplification. The most discerning music lovers will be able to fine-tune their sound by personalising the registers depending on the sound architecture they want.

In the last decade, design trends have evolved a lot. People now tend to prefer less conventional colours than they did before. True to our values, we are once again differentiating ourselves in the design arena. Utopia III Evo are distinguished by their distinctive colours, inspired by the automotive universe.



Sopra frees the entire essence of music to such a point that you’ll seem to be hearing certain sounds for the very first time. It’s Sopra which makes this magical moment possible, for an intense emotional experience. 

New desires in terms of musical fidelity led to the creation of Sopra. It excels in reproducing the entire audio spectrum thanks to the extensive research and studies which led to three innovations, two of which are patented.

Knowledge entirely serves music for ensuring maximum listening pleasure. Inspired by the obvious, the design is a pleasure for the eyes and the ears. Each aesthetic detail serves the acoustics, to reveal every nuance with finesse. Voices and low frequency sounds will flow around your room like never before.



Kanta No. 2

3-way floor standing speaker

Be surprised by Kanta, highly original speakers that will reconnect you with your music. Entirely dedicated to acoustic performance and with a resolutely disruptive aesthetic: that, in a nutshell, is the Kanta DNA! It took three years of research and development to create this model, Kanta No. 2, the first in the range. With their new materials and effectiveness-focused design that give them their powerful identity, they come straight from our engineers' hearts.

Focal offers a hitherto unknown amalgamation of technologies: the marriage of Beryllium, in the latest generation IAL3 tweeter, with Flax, for the midrange and bass drivers. The result is precise, detailed sound brimming with warmth and musicality. This is the start of a new era for those who love sound...



The high-fidelity Electra 1000 Be loudspeakers have inherited Utopia’s technology to give you an extraordinary high-fidelity experience. IAL innovation (Infinite Acoustic Load) gives the beryllium tweeter a very wide frequency range which provides astonishing sound.

Update your new generation home cinema system with the Electra 1000 Be 2 range which has been designed to ensure compatibility with new multi-channel sources. Choose a high-definition set-up for your films with all the loudspeakers in the range.

The Electra line is the solution for those looking for select and refined aesthetics for perfect integration into your kind of interior. The enclosure and the finish “Made in France” are guarantees of a style which flatters your interior design.



Music lovers will be able to choose their listening style: well-balanced with the Aria 926; denser acoustics with the Aria 948; or punchier bass with the Aria 936. This range marks the return of high-fidelity which is expressive and accessible to all.

Aria was the first line of loudspeakers to benefit from Flax speaker driver cones. The Flax sandwich cone works wonders on voices, making them more intelligible and giving them more relief.

Aria offers a complete range of hi-fi solutions for stereo or Home Cinema set-ups. With a complete system, the soundstage is ideal, and the full immersion offers an astonishing experience.




Chorus is equipped with speaker drivers made in France, with technologies which have been tried and tested, and which benefit from 35 years of research in acoustics. Great care has been paid to manufacturing to ensure they meet the high expectation in terms of sound reproduction.

The harmony of sounds is perfect: no sounds are monotonous, no melodies are flat and the bass is elaborate. High-quality sound is guaranteed with this product which easily dominates this price category.

With its rich sound and high-quality finishes, the Chorus range will exceed your expectations and provide you with new emotions when listening to music or watching your Home Cinema.