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Psalms Chapter 100 King James Version (KJV) 1611

A Psalm of praise.

1 Make a joyful noise unto the LORDall ye lands. 2 Serve the LORD with gladness: come before his presence with singing.


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MQA has hit ELLINGTON HIFI via Aurender A10. 

And it's affordable - best app. in the music streaming industry, amazing build quality, a DAC worth it's weight in performance and then some, and lastly a 4TB of music storage.  "Make that change... Shamone" MJ 1987 Bad

Music Player with high performance digital-to-analog converter. With 4TB of internal hard disk drive and one 120GB solid-state drive cache for playback, the A10 is the perfect solution for those replacing CD Players.
All Aurender models include the dedicated Aurender Conductor App, hailed by reviewers worldwide for its performance and intuitive operation. iPad App was developed in house with managing large music databases in mind, providing exceptionally fast browsing and searching of your favorite music. 
All Aurender Servers and Players fully support the service. Enjoy 35 million lossless CD quality music tracks with the world's best sounding Music Server. You can also easily play music from your NAS, on Aurender's HDD or music from the TIDAL service using the same app.



I’m delighted to say that EVERY Harbeth model has gained an Editors’ Choice award from The Absolute Sound.

This is a remarkable achievement!
The judges comment on each loudspeaker as follows:

The P3ESR is said to be ‘cannily designed’ to ‘transcend the limitations of its genre’.
The C7ES-3 is described as ‘the ne plus ultra of BBC 2-way designs’.
The M30.1 is ‘the best 2-way speaker system...’
The SHL5plus ‘one of the most beautiful-sounding speaker systems’.
The M40.2 is also highly praised with ‘neutral sound, exceptional midrange, refined and extended treb
— THE ABSOLUTE SOUND magazine 2016 Editors' Choice Awards





One danger potential buyers of the RP10 must consider is that, in a world where our time and energies and attention spans are challenged by all manner of social media and other e-distractions, Rega’s brilliant RP10 brings the music home in a way that shuts the door on that cluttered world. A balm? Why, yes.
I won’t again rehash the differences between each model. Instead let’s simply encapsulate the trend by reiterating Rega’s design philosophy since Day One.

Which is, that lightweight, rigid designs retain less airborne-and playback-generated resonance than do massive, heavy-plattered ones, and therefore more accurately reproduce the miniscule squiggly pathways pressed into vinyl discs.